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Rajput classic starters

Onion bhaji 3.50

Vegetable samosas 3.50

Chicken tikka 3.50

Shish kebab 3.50

Chicken tikka puri 4.50

Chicken tikka shashlick 3.95

Aloo puri 3.50

Stuffed pepper 3.95
(Available with chicken, lamb or vegetables)
Tandoori lamb chops 3.95

Garlic mushrooms 3.50 

Chicken pakora 3.50 

Rajput fusion starters

Raja scallops  5.95
King scallops tava fried in olive oil, served on a skewer with lightly spiced barbecued onions and peppers, coriander and chilli

King prawn puri 5.95
Jumbo prawns fried with garlic and selected herbs dressed with a savory garlic sauce

Garlic jumbo prawns 5.95
Juicy king prawns cooked in garlic

Salmon tikka 5.95
Delectable Scottish salmon, subtly marinated in tantalising spices and tenderly baked in a clay oven

Tandoori king prawns 5.95
King prawns, spiced and marinated in a coriander and ginger yoghurt sauce flame grilled in tandoori

Karahi kebab 4.95
Exquisite shish kebab stir-fry cooked in onions, peppers, ginger and roasted garam masala

Kebab platter (for 2 people) 7.95
A scrumptious selection of mixed meat appetizers

Vegetable platter (for 2 people) 5.95 
A selection of tempting vegetable starters

Fish platter (for 2 people) 9.95
A selection of individually prepared tantalizing seafood delicacies
A must for the adventurous seafood diner

Classic dishes

Chicken tikka masala 7.95
This famous and popular dish is cooked to perfection using supreme breast of chicken with a special marinade, flame grilled in the tandoor and delicately blended in a cream sauce

Garlic chicken tikka masala 7.95
Tandoori flamed chicken tikka tossed in a delicately medium strength sauce

Chicken tikka badami 7.95
Chicken tikka cooked with cashew nuts and almonds in a delectable fresh cream sauce

Chicken pasanda 7.95
Succulent spring chicken, coconut and a small amount of cream sweet sauce a delight from Mumbai

Buttered chicken 7.95
Barbecued chicken flavored with herbs and spices, cooked in buttery creamy sauce

Muglai chicken 7.95
Tender pieces of marinated chicken, cooked in a medium strength sauce with scrambled eggs

Pathia (chicken or lamb) 7.95
A succulent sweet a sour spicy sauce with either chicken tikka  or lamb tikka

Karahi chicken   6.95
A must for spicy food lovers. Tender chunks of chicken or lamb cooked with peppers and caramelised garlic

Kashmir chicken 6.95
Chicken breast pieces cooked in a medium strength sauce with bananas

Fiaji (chicken or lamb) 8.95
A favourite dish in Mumbai. Chicken or lamb cooked in a medium strength sauce infused with crispy onions

Dhaniya (chicken or lamb) 8.95
Pieces of chicken or lamb prepared in a special blend of fresh coriander relish sauce with a slight infusion of garlic and ginger

Bombay chicken  6.95
Derived from the Bombay region of India. Chicken cooked in a hot sauce with baby potatoes

Shashlick bhuna (chicken or lamb)  7.95
Juicy tender pieces of chicken or lamb served with slow cooked peppers, onions and tomatoes in a spicy sauce

Tandoori king prawn masala  11.95
King prawns cooked in tandoor and delicately blended in a tangy cream sauce

Garlic chilli (chicken or lamb)  7.95
A hot popular north Indian dish, extensively prepared with fresh garlic and chillies in a lingering piquant sauce

Garlic king prawn chilli  11.95
King prawns, garlic, chilly in a piquant sauce

Jalfrazi (chicken or lamb)  7.95
A spicy dish cooked with chicken or lamb with a base of onions, methi and various spices, topped with fresh green chillies, and tomatoes

Naga (chicken or lamb)  7.95
Extremely hot and spicy dish using the world famous naga chilly with either chicken or lamb

Signature dishes

Khodu gosht  8.95
Fillets of lamb lightly spiced then steam cooked in turmeric, jeera, garam masala and butternut squash creating a spicy yet sweet taste

Murgh amdani  8.95
Succulent chicken tikka prepared in tandoori then exclusively cooked with sweet mangoes in a fresh cream sauce. A fruity mild creamy dish

Modhu minty lamb aloo  8.95
Tender chunks of lamb infused with honey, sweet mango and fresh garden mint then slowly cooked with baby potatoes in a medium thick sauce

Palak murgh tikka  8.95
Marinated breast of chicken tandoori fired and cooked with finely chopped fresh spinach leaves served

Lamb Shank  12.95
Slowly cooked lamb shank marinated with exotic herbs and spices

Fish & Seafood dishes

Salmon tikka masala  11.95
Fillet of Scottish salmon marinated in tantalising spices and tenderly baked in a clay oven, then delicately blended in an elusive tangy cream 

Sea bass aloo palak  12.95
Fillet of sea bass cooked with baby potatoes and spinach leaves in a rich tomato, chatt masala and black pepper sauce

Fish delight  9.95
Fillet of fresh seasonal fish, pan fried in a medley of herbs and spices, garlic, ginger lemon juice and a hint of fresh mint. Highly recommended

Squid chilli stir fry  12.95
Squid tubes cooked in exotic selection of herbs and spices with fresh chillies

Rajput Lasagne  8.95
Tandoori chicken, minced lamb, tomato, coriander, herbs and spices cooked with an infusion of mustard and fresh chilli then dressed with mashed potato and topped with chedder

Gressingham spiced duck   11.95
The finest gressingham duck breast seasoned in a fusion of herbs and spicies pan fried lightly then served with crisp salad

Goan garlic king prawn mirchee  11.95
Juicy jumbo prawns cooked with an infusion of garlic, tomatoes, chillies and fresh coriander served with rice

Sali ma kharu gosht  11.95
Tender pieces of lamb infused with fresh coriander, spices then cooked with baby potatoes in a rich medium flavored sauce accompanied with rice

Karahi king prawns 11.95
King prawns with herbs and cubed pieces of onions served in a cast iron karahi

Tandoori specialties

Chicken or Lamb tikka 6.95
Breast of chicken or lamb fillet infused with a special marinade flame grilled in tandoori

Tandoori chicken 6.95 
The world famous dish of tender spring chicken marinated in fresh ground spices and yoghurt, fire roasted in tandoori

Chicken tikka shashlick 7.95
Succulent pieces of finely seasoned chicken, tandoori fired to perfection and served with roasted onions, peppers and tomatoes

Tandoori king prawns 10.95
King sized prawns marinated and delicately cooked in the clay oven

King prawn shashlick 11.95
Large Mediterranean ocean prawns finely seasoned and barbecued to perfection. Served with roasted onions, peppers and tomatoes

Tandoori Salmon 11.95
The finest Scottish salmon, subtly marinated in mild spices and tenderly baked in the clay oven

Rajput mix grill 11.95
Am assortment of tandoori delicacies consisting of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, shish kebab and tandoori king prawn

Chicken dishes

Chicken bhuna  6.95
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a thick spicy sauce with onions, tomatoes and green herbs

Saag chicken  6.95
A beautiful combination of spinach, garlic and spices to produce a medium hot dish

Chicken korma  6.95
A delicate preparation with cream and mild spices, producing a rich creamy mild texture

Chicken tikka curry  6.95
Tender breast chicken flame roasted in the tandoor
 cooked in plain curry sauce

Karahi chicken  6.95
Tender pieces of chicken finely spiced and cooked with green herbs and caramalised garlic. Served in karahi

Lamb dishes

Gosht dansak  6.95
Lamb cooked with lentils, lemon juice producing a sweet and sour taste

Lamb bhuna  6.95
Lamb, browned onions cooked with fresh tomatoes and peppers a medium hot dish

Karahi gosht  6.95
Tender pieces of lamb finely spiced and cooked with green herbs and caramelised garlic. Served in karahi

Rogan josh  6.95
Medium hot lamb cooked with peppers, onions and caramelised tomatoes

Keema karahi  6.95
Minced lamb transformed into a spicy dish

Prawn dishes

Sag prawn  6.95
Prawns, fresh spinach leaves in a spicy sauce

Karahi prawns  6.95
Prawns finely spiced and cooked with green herbs and caramalised garlic. Served in karahi

King prawn curry  9.95
King sized prawns cooked in a curry sauce

Vegetarian selection

Garlic mixed vegetable chilli  6.95
A hot dish of assorted fresh vegetables, prepared with fresh garlic and chillies in a lingering sauce

Quorn tikka masala  6.95
Quorn marinated in tantalising spices then delicately blended in an elusive tangy cream 

Quorn clay pot  6.95
Chunks of quorn garnished and roasted in a clay oven then cooked in a special sauce

Spinach and potato masala  6.95
Fresh spinach and baby potatoes in a masala sauce

Mixed vegetable coriander  6.95
A selection of mixed vegetables cooked in a fresh coriander relish sauce with a infusion of garlic and ginger

Karahi mixed vegetables  6.95
Selected vegetables in a fusion of spices cooked with diced onions in a karahi sauce

Vegetable side dishes

Bombay potatoes  3.00

Sag aloo  3.95

Aloo gobi  3.95

Onion bhaji  3.00

Mushroom bhaji  3.00

Tarka dhal  3.00

Channa bhaji  3.00

Sag paneer  3.95


Chicken or lamb  7.95
Basmati rice with pieces of chicken or lamb served with a vegetable sauce

Chicken tikka biryani  8.95
Tender pieces of chicken cooked with basmati rice served with a spicy vegetable sauce

Vegetable biryani  6.95
Basmati rice cooked together with a selection of mixed vegetables, served with sauce

Jumbo prawn biryani  11.95
Exotic king prawns cooked with basmati rice and served with a vegetable sauce

Rajput biryani  12.95
King prawns, lamb, chicken together with basmati rice  Accompanied with vegetable sauce


Boiled rice  2.00

Pilau rice  2.50

Fried rice  2.50

Mushroom pilau  2.95

Coconut rice  2.95

Special pilau  2.95

Saag rice  3.50

Lemon rice  3.50

Indian bread

Nan  2.00

Keema nan  2.50
Stuffed with mince lamb

Peshwari nan  2.50
Coconut, fruit & sweet

Mirchee nan  2.50
Fresh chillies

Garlic and coriander nan  2.50

Cheese & onion nan  2.50

Chapatti  1.50

Porata  2.00


Poppadom  .75
Served with chutneys

Selected pickles  1.00
Mango, chilli, lime

Cucumber raitha  1.95

Raitha  1.95

Salad  2.50

Chips  2.00